TL Wood chips

TL Wood chips as fall protection is a very good choice for your playground. The product is clean and fine and is made of wood from Swedish trees. It should not be confused with fuel spills.


At a playground, accidents are easily encountered. To avoid damage, it is important to ensure safety. Part of maintaining a high level of safety is to measure the cushioning ability of the substrate. We can proudly say that we sell a HIC-tested wood chip with certificates from an EN1177 accredited laboratory within the EU.

Our product has PEFC certification. Swedish PEFC’s forest standard aims to develop economically sustainable and valuable forest production, biodiversity while preserving cultural environment and social and aesthetic values. Read more about Swedish PEFC here .

TL Wood chips may be used in Nordic Ecolabelled projects.



TL Wood chips are sold in fractions 5-30.


At installation, the thickness of the bed must be 400mm thick to meet the requirements for drop height from the play equipment.

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