Fall protection for wells

Available for all types of wells

Fall protection is quick and easy to mount in both a new and existing well and there are models for all types of wells. The range includes fall protection for both concrete wells and smooth and corrugated plastic wells in dimensions from 170-655 mm.

Fall protection for larger wells than 655 mm is made according to order and wishes.

The law requires safe wells

The Arrangement Act of April 1, 1994 requires the necessary safety devices in wells to prevent accidents. This is especially true for wells in areas where children normally stay, such as at day care centers, schools, playgrounds and residential areas. The law applies to both existing and new wells. With the fall protection, the requirements for the required protective devices are ensured in a quick, simple and economical manner.


Long operating time

The fall protection is made of acid-proof stainless steel, environmental class 4, long-term function and durability. The assembly is easily made by a person in a short time, which means that the total solution is thus cost effective.

Approved by all instances

The fall protection has a safe and durable construction, which is type-approved by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB no. 1108/94. Load tests have been performed by SP, Sweden’s Technical Research Institute.

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