The TL jib is made of Swedish pine and is delivered untreated, but can also be supplied as NTR A pressure-impregnated. Kubbsarg is a nice feature to put around playgrounds, walkways or plantations. More and more customers are using our untreated TL blockbars, which is better for nature and for our children.


Our product has PEFC certification. Swedish PEFC’s forest standard aims to develop economically sustainable and valuable forest production, biodiversity while preserving cultural environment and social and aesthetic values. Read more about Swedish PEFC here.



TL Wood chips are sold in fractions 5-30.


Playgrounds or where children are staying we recommend our untreated pine.

  • Furrow Stock 12/60 Untreated / NTR A
  • Fura Stock 14/60 untreated / NTR A
  • Fura Stock 18/70 untreated / NTR A
  • Fura Stock 19,5 / 75 raw / NTR A
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